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You’re invited to the Lisa Smiss Family meet-up in December

If you’re a regular at Japan Parks I guarantee that you have seen a member of the Lisa Smiss Family (LisaSmiss™). They lovable brown-skinned Japanese players who are super friendly … not to mention uber cute. Family members LARA and … Continue reading

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Joe Picci takes a break from the blackjack tables

DB and I have nicknames for the blackjack dealers in the casino. To us they look like certain American celebrity actors: (It’s stress relieving to be able to curse out a specific name when you get screwed by the house … Continue reading

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Today’s lesson: Jodie Marsh hatred warrants ALL CAPS

There’s nothing more captivating that observing a public conversation about an intolerably obnoxious person discussed in the most annoying way possible. ALL CAPS. Earlier today, Dα Grαnny, Madame Melinda and Miko Trith took on an intellectually stimulating subject: British attention whore Jodie … Continue reading

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