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WTF, Ameba? Seriously?

I logged onto Pico yesterday at about 4PM GMT for my regular rounds of rings and props for about 30 mins. With slim pickins’ in Japan Park I logged off and tried to do some actual homework. At 6PM GMT … Continue reading

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Binge eating for pot-bellied Picos

Good news for Picos who like to spend to fill their bellies on someone else’s dime! <MissLindaK> turned us on to a Pico players room that has tons of foods for you and your pets – whether cats, dogs, pandas … Continue reading

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Happy ♥ day to you

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tokidoki comes to Pico

Ameba generally does a poor job of explaining the Japanese-inspired content that it brings into Pico. Was I the only one who was wondering ‘WTF is this cuteness all about?’ when the tokidoki collaboration was announced. Since Ameba was vague … Continue reading

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Valentines Gacha is here!

Oh, frabjous day! Ameba may have won my heart back a little. And just before Valentine’s Day. Heart-themed Gummies Gacha has returned … and it’s only 100 Gummies per spin. I. Love. This. Some oldies are back in the line-up: … Continue reading

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Dear Pico, it’s not you … it’s me.

If Ameba Pico was your boyfriend or girlfriend … would you break up with them on Valentines Day based on the gifts they give to you? I would. Dear Ameba Pico, I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the sad little … Continue reading

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Love blooms in Valentine Park 3

Isn’t this the way it’s supposed to be? Love in the air for the month of February. Make love, not war and all that jazz. It looks like Ðε┌┐┐ÔnÏÇαⁿgè└ and  bunny мιяαη∂α and giving us a lesson by fulfilling cupid’s … Continue reading

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