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Yes. I’m starting a movement. The Bring Back Blackjack (BBBJ) revolution; it’s been 1,036,800 seconds (or 17,280 minutes or 288 hours) and counting since. Ameba posted a short notice on July 28 stating that blackjack would temporarily be closed. No follow-up post has been … Continue reading

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Item Fuser doesn’t make financial sense

I decided to give the new Item Fuser gadget a whirl to see what the buzz was all about. I chose to get rid of the duplicate of my Antique Toilet/sb and the triplicate of my Golden Lucky Cat by combining … Continue reading

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The most pretentious Picos revisited

(14:06) DaDyBlackSheep: i do not even like eating off floors on pico Remember this pompous guy? Well, turns out – unlike he previously declared – he does in fact eat off of the floor. – AF

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Words can’t explain

This is getting out of control now. ᵷopʇoɥ ǝɹɐↄ ʜd … really? – AF

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