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The hair-raising horror continues …

That’s just what we need. More “Colorful Party Wigs” to litter the Pico landscape. The Cool inverted Bob Hair Wig is – admittedly – half-way decent … but only wear this if you want to look like the cue ball … Continue reading

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Cute wig-wearers pull off ugly wigs

The only person who looks good in the newest “Colorful Party” wigs: ηαÐ. She pulls if off because she combined it with the Gothic Pointy Hair Wig/pk (and devil horns to go with her Halloween costume). Ok … I lied a … Continue reading

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New wigs to not get excited about at all

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Speak of the devil and he will appear’? It is used when someone or something that you have very recently talked about appears or happens unexpectedly. Sometimes even while you are in the middle … Continue reading

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I’m going steady with Pigg.

I love Pinkberry.  Original tart flavour please! Don’t think I’m a snob, I’m always open to trying other yoghurt places’ version of my favourite flavour.  However, nothing lives up to the original. This pretty much sums up how I feel … Continue reading

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Govern yourselves … ’cause Ameba ‘aint doing it

In the past few months regular visitors to Pico’s World Community Parks (Bahasa, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Spanish, etc.) have likely witnessed at least one of the many ways that users are exploiting the game by using a program to … Continue reading

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Getting hairy? Unfortunately not.

Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous now. Why can’t Pico have even a few of the hair options that Pigg does? Ameba keeps recycling the same lame wigs in Pico. Further evidence that Pico’s project manager is lazy, lacks vision and needs … Continue reading

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Difficult to maintain

The big news in Pico today is … well … kind of no news at all, in a way. That’s right. Pico shut down for scheduled maintenance starting October 19 at 11PM PST and last to 4AM PST. Five hours. That’s … Continue reading

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