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This is the face of ignorance

Everyone is cute in Pico, but adorable faces can’t hide an ignorant mind. I decided to waste some time in English Park 1 this morning before getting ready for my day away from the screen. All was peaceful … until … Continue reading

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Bilbo Baggins joins the social gaming revolution

Fans of J. R. R. Tolkien and the epic Lord of the Rings triolgy will be enthused to learn that the novel-turned-film series is set to appear online as a game. In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of … Continue reading

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“Class” prejudice in Pico

Some intolerant Picos hate new players simply because they’re new to the game. Forming a negative opinion of someone based on their age, size, education, skin color, gender, clothing and appearance, or any other feature of their life without getting … Continue reading

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New ‘Travel’ destinations await in language parks

Finally! Arabic- and Portuguese-speaking players have a World Community Park. These public language-based parks are a great way to find other who share that essential means of communicating. In March, Picostyle writers posed the question: why is there no Arabic … Continue reading

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Attack of the clones

Visitors to English Park 1 became trapped in the entrance by a human wall of clones. The cluster, named AmebaTroll 1 to AmebaTroll 8, stood around blocking people from entering the park – most likely using WPE PRO to accomplish … Continue reading

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Pico: as slow as molasses in January

Crippling lag has plagued Pico since last weekend. The lag slows down all in-game activity, making it difficult to do anything in public – chat, play mini-games or casino. Not. Fun. It’s suspicious to me that all this seems to … Continue reading

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