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Meeting “Howie D” in Pigg

Yesterday I was in my room with my friends copico and ☆kuu☆ when our chat was interrupted by a very surprising and unexpected visitor. Read it for yourself: ☆kuu☆ hello Howie D hey Hieroglyph hello ☆kuu☆ nice to meet you Howie D … Continue reading

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Have you seen this Pico?

Have you seen akaku~^^? Back in April 2012 I posted a very sweet and awkward conversation I caught between akaku~^^ and NeWzBeRy. Today I was contacted by someone who is trying to get back in touch with akaku~^^ … since Pico is gone … Continue reading

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Are you a Pigger? launched yesterday … and I became a Pigger. The site promises to be a dynamic social network for English-speaking Pigg players. The layout and design is beautiful and true to the spirit of Pigg (and Pico). I’m really impressed. … Continue reading

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Will you become a Pigger?

PiggBook, a new social networking site for Pigg players by Indy Étoile, debuted on our computer screens in January (I posted about it earlier). Piggers by Benry, another Pigg-focused social networking site promises to launch in 5 days. The Piggers … Continue reading

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Small things make a big difference

This week was a tough one, packed with lots of things to do. On Monday, I had a I had an essay due. I rushed to finish it and arrived to class only 5 minutes late. On Tuesday, my project … Continue reading

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PiggBook: New social network for Pigg players

The end of Ameba Pico has brought the rise of Ameba Pigg. Many Pico users have migrated to Pigg, hoping to recapture some of the social aspects that endeared them to Pigg. It was relatively easy to get around and … Continue reading

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The end of Pico World in pictures

Over two years I met so many amazing people in Ameba Pico. I am so thankful for that. I ♥ you all. An important announcement on December 13 let Ameba Pico users know that the game would end forever at 8:00 GMT; we knew December 17 … Continue reading

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