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It’s monkey love!

I just logged in to Pigg to find that *someone* left a monkey balloon in my room. I love monkeys! I don’t who you are, my mystery friend … but I love your gesture, I love this gift and I … Continue reading

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Small things make a big difference

This week was a tough one, packed with lots of things to do. On Monday, I had a I had an essay due. I rushed to finish it and arrived to class only 5 minutes late. On Tuesday, my project … Continue reading

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A peek at Piggoween

In Pigg, the France Champs Elysees street has been changed into a Halloween wonderland. I’ve created a YouTube video (using to show non-Pigg users just how cool the atmosphere is. There are several different shops, including a pumpkin chariot of … Continue reading

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Great new additions to the world of Pico

Ameba has brought in some useful new game features to Pico following yesterday’s “scheduled” maintenance break. Logging in today you’ll notice a few changes. Floating names You’ll no longer have to click another Pico to find out what their username is. … Continue reading

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Feline fail

Ameba Pico announced the release of 3 new cat colorations today … but fails to post any actual photos of the pets. Isn’t that a vital piece of information? The post title boasts ‘[SHOP] New Pet and Pet Items Available!!!!’. … Continue reading

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tokidoki comes to Pico

Ameba generally does a poor job of explaining the Japanese-inspired content that it brings into Pico. Was I the only one who was wondering ‘WTF is this cuteness all about?’ when the tokidoki collaboration was announced. Since Ameba was vague … Continue reading

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Dear Pico, it’s not you … it’s me.

If Ameba Pico was your boyfriend or girlfriend … would you break up with them on Valentines Day based on the gifts they give to you? I would. Dear Ameba Pico, I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the sad little … Continue reading

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