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This can’t be right

Someone must have made a mistake. Or someone could have gotten in to the stash of New Years’ cocaine a little too early. The picture above is a snapshot of the items that are for sale in Happy New Year! … Continue reading

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It’s awfully gray in here!

Since Pico returned from an unscheduled maintenance break about 4 hours ago … those who visit any of the slot rooms are immediately plunged into a gray abyss. The room visitors is showing that over 2,000 players are currently in … Continue reading

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Unscheduled and unannounced … again

It really irks me that Ameba has a nasty habit of throwing unscheduled maintenance onto its Pico players. Today is the 26th. Looking at the maintenance announcements the most current notice on the 22nd has come and gone. Ameba needs … Continue reading

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Today is Benry’s Big Christmas Party!

Through eavesdropping I found out that Benry is hosting a huge party today in NYC Downtown: Benry’s BIG X-mas Party! The party lasts for 1 hour and starts 1 hour before Pico resets for the day at … England: 11:00PM GMT … Continue reading

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Magical Saga opens for your gaming pleasure

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a few details about Magical Saga, a game by CyberAgent Inc. that was not yet released at that time. On Wednesday, Magical Saga opened! The game is now in its BETA testing phase. … Continue reading

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Christmas sweaters: so ugly that they’re cute

I was beginning to think that tacky yet festive “Pico Special Christmas Sweater” had been forgotten in the Pico Christmas celebrations. It’s just not the same without them! Much to my satisfaction I began to see some popping up during … Continue reading

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How many times can you beat a dead horse … ?

How many times can someone beat a dead horse? This English expression is about repetition. Doing something over and over. Excessively. Something that the community managers over at Ameba Pico do very well. Too often, in fact. Particularly when it comes to … Continue reading

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