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Mary bears it all in her Pigg blog

Yes. I peep at people’s profile URLs. And I tend to click! – as long as the URLs are not a YouTube vid or shortened link like TinyURL (you never know where those might lead). I am especially intrigued if … Continue reading

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Save up free casino jewels for slots

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve been in a casino challenge overload since the Christmas holidays. (Ameba Pico’s community managers don’t seem to know how to to anything in moderation. Don’t get met started ranting about Premium AG Gacha.) But … Continue reading

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Play PiggFishing on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

For those who love fishing in Ameba Pigg I discovered a free app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad* that you might enjoy: PiggFishing. Though it has all of the collectible fishing available in the online Pigg community game … … Continue reading

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Room for a walk-in closet

DB fantasized about it many times. As a shopholic she feened for it. More closet space! Finally Ameba has done something right for a change. As of yesterday your Pico account comes with a walk-in closet. You can now store … Continue reading

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More Premium AG Gacha fascism in the new boring British Park

It’s no surprise that Ameba Pico’s community managers overdo Premium AG Gacha campaigns. It’s a sign that he/she/they any true lack creativity. It also makes me feel as though they are trying to gouge their AG buying and/or earning customers. … Continue reading

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Expiry problem with Facebook gift items?

Is it just me … or … has sending and receiving AMeba Pico gifts through Facebook become glitchy since the beginning of December? There have even been times when I am online and get the notification pop-up that I’ve just … Continue reading

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