You’re invited to the Lisa Smiss Family meet-up in December

Lisa Smiss family and fans

Core members of the Lisa Smiss familyIf you’re a regular at Japan Parks I guarantee that you have seen a member of the Lisa Smiss Family (LisaSmiss™). They lovable brown-skinned Japanese players who are super friendly … not to mention uber cute.

Family members LARA and PEPE are frequently seen singing and dancing in sync in Japan Park.

In December, the family will be hosting a meet-up for all friends and fans.

Mark your calendars!

Date: December 9 and 10, 2011
Location: The rooms of LisaSmiss™AZUL and LisaSmiss™ROSA.
Time: Taking time zone differences into consideration, each day the party will start in/at:

  • Japan (JST): 10:00pm
  • Hong Kong (HKT): 9:00pm
  • Indonesia (WIB): 8:00pm
  • London (GMT): 1:00pm
  • Germany (CET): 2:00pm
  • New York (EST): 8:00a
  • Chicago (CST): 7:00am
  • Los Angeles (PST): 9:00am

Fun: Complimentary food party (includes pets) • Photo sessions • and more!

“Like” the Lisa Smiss fan page on Facebook to keep up-to-date on this event and all things Smissy.

Lisa Smiss family meet-up poster

Header and event poster are courtesy of Lisa Smiss Facebook album.

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