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A very sweet and awkward conversation

Poorly spoken/typed English, a quirky personality and a cute face. I’m a sucker for that. I was hiding in Japanese Park earlier today. I saw two little Picos meeting one another for the first time.  Awkward, genuine, adorable. I hope … Continue reading

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A bad case of PADD (Pico Attention Deficit Disorder).

Pico can’t keep my attention lately. It’s gotten monotonous. Week after week, month after months it’s Premium Gacha → Slot Challenge → Ugly wigs → Premium Gacha → Slot Challenge → Ugly wigs. It’s a never-ending cycle. I’m bored. Of … Continue reading

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Petition: Keep Timelordess in Pico

How would you feel if you went to Pico World Support ( for help and they turned around and said they may ban your account? Well, that’s what’s happened to Timelordess. Here’s what happened: Timelordess noticed some fishy activity with … Continue reading

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Repost: How do your favorite social games do on privacy? Privacyscore knows.

Source: blog Writer: Joe Osborne It’s called Privacyscore, a browser add-on that gives each website you visit a privacy rating on a scale of one to 100. Now, it does just the same for Facebook apps and games, which … Continue reading

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LOL in an MMO with the Family Guy cast

Thanks goodness for the blog. Otherwise, I would have never known about Family Guy Online (FGO)! That’s right. Fans of the Griffin family will soon be able to Family Guy-ify themselves and transition into amongst amongst the bizarre residents of … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Ameba Gold directly from Ameba!

Protect yourself from being taken advantage of by Ameba Pico’s poor customer service. Only buy Ameba Gold as Facebook Credits. Never buy directly from Ameba. There’s no price difference, so just do it. You’ll be thankful if you ever have … Continue reading

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First look at The Soap

My last post was about an upcoming Facebook game called The Soap. Just in case you were curious, game developers released a trailer yesterday. It’s in German, but it’s the first look at the game’s visuals. Take a look. Update: … Continue reading

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