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Pico World’s Facebook user albums deleted

If you have taken photos in Pico with the ‘Camera’ button and selected ‘Save to your Facebook album’ I’ve got bad news for you. Ameba has deleted your Pico World album. All your photos are gone. Update 1: The save … Continue reading

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Pico: as slow as molasses in January

Crippling lag has plagued Pico since last weekend. The lag slows down all in-game activity, making it difficult to do anything in public – chat, play mini-games or casino. Not. Fun. It’s suspicious to me that all this seems to … Continue reading

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Petition: Help Owrith get his account back

Another friend has been banned from Pico. This time the victim of Ameba’s bungling management of its own game is ۩۞¤Owяi†h¤۞۩, a long-time Pico player. Here’s what happened: Owrith has been banned from Pico since the week of May 20. … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Ameba Gold directly from Ameba!

Protect yourself from being taken advantage of by Ameba Pico’s poor customer service. Only buy Ameba Gold as Facebook Credits. Never buy directly from Ameba. There’s no price difference, so just do it. You’ll be thankful if you ever have … Continue reading

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Ameba scams it’s paying customers?

Did your Pico account get suspended recently? When you contacted Pico World Support (support@ameba.net) to find out why did they claim you owed them money? Last month this happened to me and I posted about it. I found out that other … Continue reading

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What a way to be thanked

Pico’s 2nd anniversary hasn’t started off with a *bang* for me. Instead, it’s started off with a *grrrrr!*. 13 days. Almost 2 weeks! That’s how long my account has been suspended in Ameba Pico. What’s the reason for the suspension? … Continue reading

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