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Update: Sending CyberAgent a big message

A week ago, Chellybean, a friend alerted me to something unusual in NYC Downtown 1: someone placed ‘CyberAgent Sucks’ letters in front of RinaRina shop. According ericisbored at the Pico Pigg blog, the scamp who did it is a self-proclaimed … Continue reading

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Sending CyberAgent a big message

An angry and creative Pico has decided to send CyberAgent a message using his/her hacking skills. Don’t forget, you can too (but not with hacking): Contact Ameba! (Thank you to Chellybean for modeling in front of the sign for me.) … Continue reading

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Game closure is infectious

Since Ameba Pico announced it will close on December 17, several other games have also notified they will power down before the end of the year: Glitch, Summer Springs, and TinierMe. It seems that online gaming communities (particularly those with chat … Continue reading

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Taking the fight to the Ameba’s “big boss”

Ameba Pico’s death is imminent. December 17 looms over the game’s fans. Concern players have signed protest petitions, hoping to keep the game alive. Please sign both, if you care: http://bit.ly/SAVEPICO and http://chn.ge/Snq9Gn. Each time the petitions are signed and email is sent … Continue reading

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Ameba will close Pico in mid-December

Massive news ever for Pico today. Even players who’ve been living under a rock have heard that Pico will be closing in December. After yesterday’s unannounced maintenance, the big announcement was posted to the game’s blog: Say good-bye to Pico World. … Continue reading

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Repost: Pico World dev team relocated to Jakarta, hunts for local talents

e27.sg, a trusted source of information on Asia’s growing start-up businesses, reports that big changes at CyberAgent, Inc. This month the company moved the entire team that develops new stuff for Pico to Indonesia. This comes as the country celebrates … Continue reading

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New games to add to the CyberAgent Inc family

CyberAgent Inc., creators of the Ameba Pico and Pigg online games, has been busy cooking up new games since the demise of World Chef. CyberAgent has used it’s captive audience on the Ameba Pico Facebook fan page to announce these … Continue reading

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