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Claiming refugee status in Ameba Pigg

Ameba Pico will close in just over 1 month. Many players are permanently moving to Ameba Pigg, Pico’s Japanese-language forerunner. If you want to register but don’t know how the above video by faithonpiggandpico will help you get started. There … Continue reading

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A peek at Piggoween

In Pigg, the France Champs Elysees street has been changed into a Halloween wonderland. I’ve created a YouTube video (using Screenr.com) to show non-Pigg users just how cool the atmosphere is. There are several different shops, including a pumpkin chariot of … Continue reading

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Letting Piggs loose in the kitchen

For connoisseurs of Ameba games, there’s no question that Pigg offers more than Pico. The Japanese language virtual community now has another addictive mini-game called Pigg Café. The game launched on August 16 and is reminiscent of the now defunct World … Continue reading

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Is Ameba just sitting on its ass?

 Social game developers like Zynga, Playfish and Digital Chocolate know what the people who play their online games need and want. On Facebook I play games by each company and I notice their commitment to their audience through regular freebies, … Continue reading

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Play PiggFishing on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

For those who love fishing in Ameba Pigg I discovered a free app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad* that you might enjoy: PiggFishing. Though it has all of the collectible fishing available in the online Pigg community game … … Continue reading

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We wish you a Piggy Christmas

It’s Christmas time in Pico and Pigg! For Christmas in Pico we get: some recycled wigs (and then more recycled wigs); a room full of old premium Gachas; a room for the flower of the month/poinsettia items a room of new … Continue reading

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Getting hairy? Unfortunately not.

Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous now. Why can’t Pico have even a few of the hair options that Pigg does? Ameba keeps recycling the same lame wigs in Pico. Further evidence that Pico’s project manager is lazy, lacks vision and needs … Continue reading

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