Meeting “Howie D” in Pigg

Yesterday I was in my room with my friends copico and ☆kuu☆ when our chat was interrupted by a very surprising and unexpected visitor. Read it for yourself:


Howie D


nice to meet you

Howie D
i’m howie d
from the backstreet boys


I was never a fan of BSB or any other boy band. But I thought someone making a Pigg version of a now D-list celebrity was hilarious. I asked for a photo and his autograph and he obliged.

I didn’t tell him I wasn’t a fan until after. I asked him if he would kindly retire from music altogether. And with a flash he was gone … off to find AJ, Brian, Kevin, and Nick no less. I guess if New Kids On The Block can attempt a comeback so can they.

Howie D was pretty funny and polite. He said he was a “king of the 90s” and his speech was littered with a lot of hey girls, yos, and other stereotypical boy bandisms.

Today, his account has changed to the name Jack Dawson (Titanic). Maybe he’ll be Rick Astley next.

I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that his persona was created by the impish Pippa.

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