Countdown to The Sims Social and SimCity Social closures

EA games is killing its popular Facebook game titles The Sims Social and SimCity Social. The shocking announcement was made on April 15 in game and via fan pages and email.

As of today players have two weeks (14 days) to enjoy these games before they’re gone for good. EA says it will “reallocate development resources to other titles”.

I didn’t care much for SimCity Social, but The Sims Social was one of my favourite games. Its closing will be a big disappointment. The closure comes after a string of game obituaries including Zynga’s FishVille, PetVille, and Treasure Isle; Tiny Speck’s Glitch;  GAIA Online’s Summer Springs; and CyberAgent’s Tinier Me and my beloved Ameba Pico.

Zynga has announced further closures with Dream Zoo, Empires & Allies, TheVille and Zynga City by the end of June. [Update: June 6, 2013] Zynga is laying off 18% of its workforce and shutting down more offices. Read more.

In an attempt to thank The Sims Social and SimCity Social players for their loyaly EA sent other game offers to players by email on April 30 (click the images to take advantage of the offers):

Two weeks later these messages were send to player emails on May 15:


The message also promoted a new game title from PopCap Games, Plants Vs Zombies Adventures. This game officially launched on May 20.

For more info on the game closures visit:

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