Photos from “Up, up, and away!” balloon party

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Thanks to …

Our hosts: <MissLindaK> and Chayannie.

Those who posted about the event: Benry, Pico Perfect, Picostyle, Scarlett’s Pico Life, Sparkling Pico.

Everyone who attended (as far as I can remember): Aeyou Wixoa, April, Chellybean, Chun Kit, efi~, I’m Tracey, Kuu (aka くぅ★’), Lady Peggy, Lorca, мαкι, мαкιo, Maestro Nuke, Mr.Semaphore, Odorya Agasa, Oshin (aka おしん), Owey, Potato (aka ☆Hahaha☆), ScarIett, Shoco, Upin (aka .UPIN ☆) and Ojisama (Upin’s uncle), Vanilla.™, Yakisoba (aka やきそば) … and anyone else I may have missed.

We still have so much food and balloons left over that we might have another party next weekend. Should we? Maybe at 2AM GMT next time.

– AF

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