Game closure is infectious

'Sorry, we're closed' door sign; image c/o

Since Ameba Pico announced it will close on December 17, several other games have also notified they will power down before the end of the year: Glitch, Summer Springs, and TinierMe.

It seems that online gaming communities (particularly those with chat capability) are dropping like flies from changing industry trends (like the mobile gaming boom). Last month Zygna, the developers of the hugely-successful FarmVille, closed down 3 of its offices and laid off staff. The company also closed its FishVille and Treasure Isle games at the beginning of November. It’s supposed to axe 13 in total, likely before year’s end.

“Rapid change in player habits and social technologies have dictated fundamental changes at Zynga.” Source:

This could explain why games like Ameba Pico are closing up shop for good. Times are tough. Aside from the titles below, I’m wondering which game will be dropped next.

Glitch | closes December 9/12 @ 8AM PST
Developer: Tiny Speck
More info » closure notice

PetVille | closes December 30/12 *updated*
Developers: Zynga
More info »

PetVille closure notice

Summer Springs | closes December 17/12
Developers: GAIA Online
More info »

Summer Springs closure notice

Gifts: 5 Million Cash and 5 Million Gold

Tinier Me | closes December 10/12
Developer: GCrest America, Inc. (part of the CyberAgent Group)
More info » closure notice

Other game closures:

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