“Before the farewell of Ameba Pico I want to …”

Getting nostalgic about Pico's closing

A cute little Pico player name SAKURAKO☆CHANѼ has started a “freedom wall page” on Facebook called  “Farewell Ameba Pico“. She wants you to answer the question of “Before the farewell of Ameba Pico I want to …” and post it on her page.

(A freedom wall is a place where people are welcome to express themselves.)

SAKURAKO☆CHANѼ is keeping things positive. She encourages people to post things that:

  • They’re never done/talked about before (but always wanted to)
  • Show-off their talents, ideas, or fashion style
  • Express their opinions about Pico life
  • Share knowledge or insights with others

“Before Ameba Pico closes let us enjoy the moment,” SAKURAKO☆CHANѼ says on her page. She’s hoping that the page will also serve as a way to “look back to our past memories and [unforgettable] memories in Picos.”

I think this is an incredibly thoughtful and productive way to approach Pico’s closure on December 17.

– AF

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