Changes to Pico create retail rage

Pico girl standing at Vivienne and Paul's shops

Ameba has gone and done it now. They’ve pissed off a good friend of mine. She’s bidding them sayonara for good. The reason she’s leaving the game is because of a recent change.

Yesterday’s 3½-hour maintenance break brought an annoying adjustment to game play. All pricing for Gummies items have increased 3 to 7 times in cost … or even more. Some players are reporting that items that could previously be purchased with Tokens can now only be bought with AmebaGold (AG).

[Update: o6/27/2012] The lovely Rex A created an image in her recent blog post about this issue that shows the price changes:

Gummies product price change comparison; © ameba-pico-blog

How are newbies supposed to afford nice new things?

Shop owner of RinarinaAmeba’s answer is: form a gambling habit.

Ameba claims the reason is because that the GM Games betting feature that they have added. Read more. To “balance” things they’ve decided to make everything more expensive. So, now, in order to purchase things with Gummies they are forcing people (in most cases children) to gamble in order to keep afloat in the inflated economy that Pico’s community managers have created. That’s just wrong. What a bunch of dumbasses.

GM Games Card Match 0-500 room

Pico girl shoppingMany players haven’t noticed the new prices. Those that have are very shocked and upset by it. My friend who has vowed to leave says that its the last straw in a line of changes that she doesn’t like in the game. She’s grown more and more unhappy with the game’s developers and the direction they are taking the community. She feels alienated.

I hope this move sees Pico players stop buying AG on a mass scale.

Since my issue with Ameba in February I decided to never buy AG again. In fact, I’ve only purchased 2 Gummies items in the game since that time. I haven’t even played Gacha. I log on to max my props/rings/foods points and chat with my friends in the game.

Deep down I am waiting for another Facebook game that will be comparable to Pico. Then I’ll encourage all my Pico friends to leave with me to frolic in greener pastures.

I’m not sure how many people follow this blog but, dear Readers I am very interested to know your thoughts on this matter. Please comment below.

– AF

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