SimCity Social launches Open Beta test phase on Facebook

My city in Sim City Social

The long-awaited SimCity Social has finally opened for testing! Over the past few weeks game developers Electronic Arts (EA) have been teasing their Facebook audience with glimpses of city life in the new game … like Nurse Angie and Firefighter Brad. If you’re a fan now is your chance to get your foot in the door and look around.

What is ‘open Beta’?
Open Beta is a stage in software testing. According to the game’s Lead Community Manager, “Well, we might be testing the servers and functionality, so from time to time the game may be down as we calibrate and fine-tune things. But if that happens, the game will be up and running again as soon as possible.

“Rest assured that we won’t be resetting the game during this maintenance period, so you won’t lose any progress, Diamonds or relationships that you build up.”

Game developers are looking for your feedback and suggestions through their community forums. Your input could make for a primo game when it all goes live … permanently.

Meet Kristy Brown, your guide to city life

Learning the ropes
In SimCity Social you are the Mayor of your own city. You’re responsible for all aspects of city planning.

Guided by Kristy Brown, players’ will learn their first tasks: build a road, two homes, a scenic pond (an attraction which needs to be staffed by your friends), and they mayor’s house. You’ll name your city at the end of the tutorial.

You’ll learn that your city’s businesses generate in-game currency called Simoleons at certain time intervals. When the Simoleons are ready to reap an icon will appear above the building. Click to collect them. In the same way, factories generate materials. You’ll need money and materials to buy and build to expand your city.

You can click on homes and other buildings to see what the people inside them think of your city.

More questsQuests
Just like with many other Facebook games – like The Sims Social – quests icons will pop up on the left side of your game screen.

Quests will help you to …

  • discover game tools, items, features
  • earn Simoleons, materials or other perks
  • expand your city
  • level up and advance in the game
  • have fun!

Life after the tutorial
Once Kristy leaves you, your next quest tasks will be to build a welcome sign, 5 new homes, and bring your population up to 150 residents.

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home quest

Getting friendly
Of course, adding neighbors (friends from your contact list) will help you to get ahead in the game. Good, reliable neighbors will send you gifts and other items to help you complete quests.

Add neighbors for more fun

Feel like Simming?
If you’re a fan of The Sims game franchise you might like to help EA test out the game before it goes live for good.

[Update: 06/27/2012] After open Beta testing is over developers won’t be resetting players’ cities. If you start now you’ll be amongst the first to play! Keep in mind that after the testing phase is over, all your accumulated game info may be wiped. Don’t take it personally; just like city planning it’s all in the name of progress.

Get in the game.

– AF

Sim City Social is open for Beta testing

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