Missing you!

Ars, Nae-nae and ScarIett; © http://pico-scarlett.blogspot.ca/I have been away on vacation for a while. For the past few days I haven’t seen my Pico friends in Japanese Park … and I miss them.

This picture has just a few of my Pico friends –  /a/r/ş/, ♧♣ η∂ξη∂ξ ♣♧ , ScarIett – but there are many more!

Where have you all gone, my pretty ones?

I hope to see you soon so we can catch up and have some good laughs.

Photo credit: taken by ScarIett; pictured (left to right): /a/r/ş/, ♧♣ η∂ξη∂ξ ♣♧ , ScarIett

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One Response to Missing you!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Woah… thank you so much for posting about me / u \ I miss you lots and lots too, Hie-san~

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