A very sweet and awkward conversation

NeWzBeRy and akaku~^^ chat while sitting on a park bench in Japan Park

Poorly spoken/typed English, a quirky personality and a cute face. I’m a sucker for that.

I was hiding in Japanese Park earlier today. I saw two little Picos meeting one another for the first time.  Awkward, genuine, adorable. I hope they become friends for a long time.

— You have moved to Japanese Park 1
(14:45) akaku~^^:  hi
(14:45) akaku~^^: can i sit here?
(14:45) NeWzBeRy: sure ^^
(14:45) akaku~^^: thanks
(14:45) akaku~^^: so you are from thailand?
(14:45) NeWzBeRy: yes
(14:45) akaku~^^: we are really near

Long pause …

(14:46) akaku~^^: well im from malaysia
(14:46) akaku~^^: nice to meet u
(14:46) NeWzBeRy: nice to meet u too

Another long pause …

(14:47) akaku~^^: what u eat today?
(14:47) akaku~^^: lol
(14:47) akaku~^^: of course rice right?

Awkward silence.

(14:47) akaku~^^: do i look a girl?
(14:47) akaku~^^: or boy?
(14:47) akaku~^^: or both?
(14:47) NeWzBeRy: i think both
(14:48) akaku~^^: nah
(14:48) akaku~^^: u are right
(14:48) akaku~^^: why?
(14:48) akaku~^^: crying?

More awkward silence.

NeWzBeRy and akaku: getting acquainted(14:48) akaku~^^: so..
(14:48) akaku~^^: which part of thailand
(14:49) akaku~^^: do u live?
(14:49) NeWzBeRy: Bangkok^^
(14:49) akaku~^^: wow..
(14:49) akaku~^^: honestly i want to go there
(14:49) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(14:49) akaku~^^: for yamapi concert last year
(14:49) akaku~^^: yo
(14:49) akaku~^^: but
(14:50) NeWzBeRy: ^^ my friend went that concert
(14:50) akaku~^^: oh
(14:50) akaku~^^: i envy them
(14:50) akaku~^^: i bet its be fantastic concert right
(14:51) NeWzBeRy: 😀
(14:51) akaku~^^: so
(14:51) akaku~^^: u didnt go?
(14:51) NeWzBeRy: no i didnt
(14:51) akaku~^^: why?
(14:51) NeWzBeRy: i dont crazy = =
(14:51) akaku~^^: ahaha
(14:52) akaku~^^: well.. i love some of his song
(14:52) akaku~^^: like
(14:52) akaku~^^: urmm
(14:52) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(14:52) akaku~^^: gomen ne juliet
(14:52) akaku~^^: or sth like that
(14:52) NeWzBeRy: 😉
(14:52) akaku~^^: and i like party dont stop too
(14:53) akaku~^^: its a best song
(14:53) akaku~^^: today is monday…
(14:53) NeWzBeRy: yes 😉
(14:53) akaku~^^: what u want to do today
(14:54) NeWzBeRy: i dont know – -*
(14:54) akaku~^^: yo again
(14:54) akaku~^^: <

akaku~^^ busts a moveA boy who spoke only in Arabic walked over to dance with akaku~^^.

(14:54) akaku~^^: hehe
(14:54) akaku~^^: well
(14:54) NeWzBeRy: 😀
(14:54) akaku~^^: maybe

*Cough, cough*. NeWzBeRy really is a quiet girl. akaku~^^ waits a moment and then tries to strike up the conversation again.

(14:55) akaku~^^: so what i can call u?
(14:55) NeWzBeRy: I’m New
(14:55) NeWzBeRy: and U ?
(14:55) akaku~^^: not NewS
(14:55) NeWzBeRy: no
(14:55) akaku~^^: hehe
(14:55) akaku~^^: im akaku..
(14:55) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(14:55) akaku~^^: but u can call me aka
(14:55) akaku~^^: its mean red
(14:55) NeWzBeRy: i see 😀
(14:56) akaku~^^: yea
(14:56) akaku~^^: oh
(14:56) akaku~^^: i kinda hungry
(14:56) NeWzBeRy: In Thai “Red” is “Dang” hehe
(14:56) akaku~^^: want go to grab some snack
(14:56) akaku~^^: oh
(14:56) akaku~^^: dang=red
(14:56) akaku~^^: i see
(14:57) akaku~^^: in malay just merah=red
(14:57) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(14:57) akaku~^^: ahh lag
(14:58) NeWzBeRy: why dont you go to bed?
(14:58) akaku~^^: ahaha
(14:58) akaku~^^: i will
(14:58) akaku~^^: later
(14:58) akaku~^^: =)
(14:58) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(14:58) akaku~^^: u?
NeWzBeRy sits quietly(14:58) NeWzBeRy: i always sleep late
(14:59) akaku~^^: really?
(14:59) NeWzBeRy: 😉
(14:59) akaku~^^: do u stay up?
(15:00) NeWzBeRy: Can I add u to my friend list?
(15:00) akaku~^^: sure
(15:00) akaku~^^: go ahead
(15:00) akaku~^^: =)
(15:00) akaku~^^: dozo
(15:00) akaku~^^: ahh
(15:00) NeWzBeRy: but it dont have a button
(15:00) NeWzBeRy: – -*
(15:00) akaku~^^: i’ll add u
(15:00) NeWzBeRy: ok
(15:00) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(15:01) akaku~^^: done
(15:01) NeWzBeRy: ok
(15:02) akaku~^^: so u are offline
(15:02) NeWzBeRy: u too
(15:02) akaku~^^: yea
(15:02) NeWzBeRy: – –
(15:02) akaku~^^: ahh do u want to stay here?
(15:03) akaku~^^: i’ll go somewhere
(15:03) akaku~^^: maybe
(15:03) NeWzBeRy: where?
(15:03) akaku~^^: play a game
(15:03) akaku~^^: janken
(15:03) NeWzBeRy: ^^
(15:03) akaku~^^: want to play?
(15:03) akaku~^^: but
(15:03) akaku~^^: my net is slow
(15:03) NeWzBeRy: i think i should go to bed ><
(15:03) akaku~^^: ok
(15:03) akaku~^^: sweet dream
(15:03) NeWzBeRy: i’m cold now^^”
(15:04) akaku~^^: lol
(15:04) NeWzBeRy: ok sweet dream
(15:04) akaku~^^: want me to warm u up?
(15:04) akaku~^^: ok
(15:04) akaku~^^: bye
(15:04) NeWzBeRy: see u ……..
(15:04) NeWzBeRy: – -*
(15:04) NeWzBeRy: hehe
(15:04) akaku~^^: seeya]\
(15:04) NeWzBeRy: bye bye
(15:04) akaku~^^: later

And with that they both disappeared. But I ask you: … how cute are these two?!

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3 Responses to A very sweet and awkward conversation

  1. Asami Tanaka says:

    Dear Blog owner,
    Iv been having lot’s of trouble on how to create a nice bloger blog.The template you use for picostyler is very pretty.Do you think you could tell me what template it is for simple template.

    • Anonymous says:

      Asami, the layout we are using for Picostyle is called Simple. We chose the version that is 6th from the left (with the top banner that goes all the way across the screen). We customized using a built-in background image and our own custom logo.

      I hope this helps you.

      ♥ The Instigator

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