Ameba scams it’s paying customers?

Were you scammed by Ameba?

Did your Pico account get suspended recently?
When you contacted Pico World Support ( to find out why did they claim you owed them money?

Last month this happened to me and I posted about it.

Your account has been temporarily suspended. Please contact us with your Pico Name from the Contact Form for further information regarding your account.I found out that other Pico players had experienced the same thing! One person I talked to was suspended for 20 days. Another said she paid the money just so she could get her account back- even though she never requested a chargeback/refund at any time.

I can only imagine that many people just paid the amount without going back to their PayPal or credit card records to proove otherwise.

From the beginning Ameba’s approach was to get the money. They didn’t send any request to provide proof if you did not insist you had already paid.

This is a scam. This is extortion.

Ameba has not publicly acknowledged their mistake on the official blog. People who have received this same message should know that there’s a possibility that they have already paid.

  • When a bug prevented people from using a recent casino challenge Ameba apologized and offered players Tokens and more slot play time at 10x. [»]
  • When a bug prevented people from sending Facebook gifts Ameba apologized and offered players the ability to send more gifts and extended the campaign. [»]

When Ameba misleads many of its paying customers … there is only silence. No offer to make amends.

I want to hold Ameba accountable for it’s actions. To publicly post on its blog and Facebook page about the situation and to make proper restitution to those it has accused and suspended the accounts of.

If you are you someone whose account was suspended for these reasons please send your story to If you know someone who is in this situation, please send them this post.

We are looking for:

  • Your story about the experience in 300 words or less. Be sure to include:
    • your first name and last initial (e.g. Jennifer S.)
    • the amount that Pico World Support says you owe(d) them;
    • whether you already paid the amount and if you sent your PayPal or credit card;
    • a suggestion as to  how you want Pico to make amends for its false accusations against you.

A sample letter with a story can be seen at

I plan to compile these accounts of users scammed by Pico send this to Facebook. Please note your email address will be given to Facebook in the letter. This is in case they choose to contact you directly. Your email will not be used for any other reason.

I am hoping that complaints to Facebook about an application hosted by their service will force Ameba to do something responsible.

Thank you. Please post about this and link to this post on your blogs, Facebook page or Twitter.

– AF

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5 Responses to Ameba scams it’s paying customers?

  1. Sybil Scribbles says:

    it is exactly what happened to me on the date of 10th Feb, my Pico account was suspended for more than 20 days, during these days I try to contact with Pico support, but same things happened to me they said I won them 29,95 USD, I won’t paid for something that I never did, our email back and fore until one day they ask me to contact Paypal directly, Paypal check through my transaction start from day one and emil a list of my payment record to clear my name, or else I would have to lost my account, I am very disappointed with Pico, their system error cause us problem, they never check their problems in the first place instead asking us to paid, I feel strongly against how Pico treat their player.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Sybil. ♥

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