Dear Pico, it’s not you … it’s me.

RO80: Type LUV and RinaRina shops

If Ameba Pico was your boyfriend or girlfriend … would you break up with them on Valentines Day based on the gifts they give to you?

I would.

Dear Ameba Pico,

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the sad little wigs that you keep offering to me for every single occasion.  Christmas and New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving. Flag Day. Groundhog Day. You know what I’m sayin’. These wigs are released at the drop of a pin. It’s so boring now!

RinaRina shop wig items

You need some new stock at RinaRina shop.

I never tire of the novelty heart glasses and tees. But its not enough to keep the relationship alive. A girl can’t live on the same kitschy items over and over!

RO80: Type LUV shop items

Of course they’re kinda cute. The girls and boys look adorable in them. But … it’s all become a little too predictable for me. Uninteresting. Mundane.

Valentines fashions for girls and boys

Some would see all this as stability. I can’t see that. So … maybe it’s me and not you. Maybe I ask too much; behave too demanding. Maybe I should be thankful for the little things and stop focusing on all of the ways you’re flawed and simply inadequate.

Perhaps I should focus inward and examine why I’m so overly critical of you. After all, we’ve been in this together for 2 years.

Who am I kidding. It is you. It’s all you.

– AF

P.S. How come only 6 of the 9 World Community Parks – Chinese, Korean, English, French, Spanish and Thai – are decorated for the universal day of love?

Decorated Chinese, Korean, English, French, Spanish and Thai parks

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