Play PiggFishing on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad!

Official iTunes screenshot; © CyberAgent, Inc.

For those who love fishing in Ameba Pigg I discovered a free app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad* that you might enjoy: PiggFishing.

Though it has all of the collectible fishing available in the online Pigg community game … they way you play is different (you’ll see in the screen shots below. The player stat rankings are also completely separate from the online version.

If you can’t get enough of Pigg fishing and you want to try it on your mobile Apple device to take with you anywhere, download the app.

Intro screen

At the intro screen you will be prompted to log into your Pigg account. Once the game is linked to your account your Pigg avatar will appear in the game (you will never have to sign in again unless you re-install the app). You can fish with him/her.

If you don’t have a Pigg ID you can register one. Keep in mind the game is 95% in Japanese. If you don’t know how to read Japanese it’s easier to register online, then sign into the app. Online, you can use a translator to decipher the language a bit.

See this tutorial for English speakers on how to register for Ameba Pigg.

The intro screen is where you can customize game settings. It’s all in Japanese … so … good luck!

Main menu

After login you’ll be taken to the main menu.

  • purple button takes you to play a Gacha game.
  • green button takes you to daily player rankings
  • orange button takes you to change your outfit
  • pink button takes you into the game

Make your selection to start enjoying the game.

Play Gacha!

Play Gacha
Each spin at Gacha requires 1 game currency. Luckily, you start out with 1. Click a colored Gacha machine to see what fish-themed outfits are offered by it. If you see something that catches your eye, try your luck and take a spin.

(I wanted a squid outfit but I ended up with a blue fish. *sigh*)

At this point I’m not sure how to earn more game currency. When/if I found out I’ll update it here.

Daily player rankings

Daily Player Rankings
This is a useful area for competitive players. See how you compare to the hundreds of other players.

You’ll see full avatar images of competitors. This is also a great area to see what some of the Gacha outfits you could possibly win will look like.

Change your outfit

Change Your Outfit
Just like in Pico or Pigg you click the clothing item icons to put them on or take them off.

As you can see my wardrobe is quite limited.

Stage select

The Game
You start out with one fishable area. The red flag. There are 5 fishing areas in total, each with 3 stages named “A”, “B” and “C”:

  1. Tokyo Bay;
  2. Seto Inland Sea;
  3. Sea of Okhotsk;
  4. Ariake Sea; and
  5. Sea of Japan

To advance to the next stage you have to catch the gold “boss” fish.

In total there are 100 species of fish that are ready to be reeled in by you!

Stage Select intro screen

Tap any active stage area flag and choose area “A”, “B” or “C” (depending on how many areas you have unlocked) to move on.

Fishing rod selection Bait selection

You can choose from  9 different fishing rods and 5 types of bait. Starting out, you are equipped with default rod and bait.

Fishing on your yacht

Now it’s time to get down to business. Fish!

This game gives you the ability to Twitter about your catches as they happen. There is a Twitter item in the Options menu. I personally don’t want to link my account so I haven’t activated that feature. But I do think it’s really neat.

I won’t post any snapshots about the fish at all – I think you should uncover the fun for yourself.

Tutorial intro

The game has a tutorial (in Japanese) that you can use to practice before you get your feet wet. In the red flag area scroll to the far left to reveal a red button with text. Click it to start learning.

Flick to start

Pretty self explanatory, huh? Between each catch you will be taken to this screen.

Reeling in your fish 1/3

To reel in your fish you will have to tap your finger on the blue L or the red R to the bottom of your screen as the blue or red ball that passes over the fish’s mouth at the pink plus sign (+).

Reeling in your fish 2/3

The more colored balls you hit, the closer you will reel the fish in towards your fishing yacht.

Reeling in your fish 3/3

When you accurately hit several colored balls in a row it creates a Combo. Combos will deplete a fish’s energy more quickly.

Just like in the online game you don’t know the species of fish you have caught until you actually reel it in.

And that’s it! Get fishing!

iTunes game page iconSearch for “CyberAgent Inc” in the iTunes app store for more games by the creators of Ameba Pigg and Ameba Pico. You can enjoy English language Zombie Restaurant, Animal Bakery and Ninja Farm. Not to mention other non-gaming apps like the Ameba app or ShibuyaCamera!

– AF

» Download the free game from iTunes
» Learn more about Pigg fishing

* Only on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad

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