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When DB and I talk about Pico these days, the topic of how inadequate it is compared to Pigg gets woven into the conversation. There’s not secret about how DB feels about Pico now. The love is gone. Well, now … Continue reading

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Ameba, kiss my ass. Seriously!

I’ve been MIA. After many and I do really mean many months of not logging on regularly, I have to say there’s not much going on in Pigg or Pico.  If it weren’t for the few friends that I still … Continue reading

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Developers of new Huoxing game steal from Ameba Pico and Pigg

Counterfeiting and piracy is a deep-rooted practice that is done openly and shamelessly in China. Don’t believe me? Think I’m being prejudice? Let’s look at a few recent examples. In August, a new furniture store called 11 Furniture opened up … Continue reading

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Maintain your maintenance, Ameba

Each time Ameba schedules server maintenance without providing notice it’s as inconvenient as getting shot in the back of the head. While, yes, that is a major exaggeration, unscheduled maintenance is extremely annoying. Especially when the suddent inaccessibility of Pico … Continue reading

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OwlBear Garden opens!

OwlBear Village, the English version of Japanese game ビレッジ, is open for new registrations via Facebook. Initial announcements had the game opening in mid-September; after a 2-week delay the game opened on October 3. Logging in for the first time was … Continue reading

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