New wigs to not get excited about at all

Cute Ribbon Hair Wig/bg

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Speak of the devil and he will appear’? It is used when someone or something that you have very recently talked about appears or happens unexpectedly. Sometimes even while you are in the middle of talking about it!

Yesterday, DB and I were talking about wigs/hair in Pigg versus Pico. Well, to be more accurate she has been ranting about it and I have been laughing at how on-point she is with all of her sarcasm.

Today, a slew of “New Colorful” wigs were released in Pico. Yippee? No.

New colourful party wigs @ October 2011

DB has been very critical of the quality of hair products – and products overall – in Pico … especially when compared to selections in Pigg. And judging from the photo of the new wigs above can you really blame her? Sadly, people will actually buy these.

Compare them to some of the options in Pigg.

This was the conversation I had with DB when I sent her the link today:

i’m waiting for a rant
DB: Wtf! Seriously?
Are we high school outcasts with the funky  I-don’t-want-to-fit-in hairdos?
DB: Seriously. The hairdos in Pico look like they come from  the rejected Pigg item ideas bin. Creations they made that they then said ‘WTF? We can’t release this in Pigg. Let’s give it to our bastard English brother Pico’.

To DB and I it definitely looks like Pico users are getting the short end of the stick.

It’s hard to find positive things to say and write about Pico and Ameba/CyberAgent America these days.

Tough times.

Apparently, the global recession has also affected the ability to develop good ideas as well.

– AF

Curly Short Hair Wig/gn

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