Getting hairy? Unfortunately not.

Cute Pigg wigs

Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous now.

Why can’t Pico have even a few of the hair options that Pigg does?

Ameba keeps recycling the same lame wigs in Pico. Further evidence that Pico’s project manager is lazy, lacks vision and needs to be fired.

This is what Pigg’s got that we’re missing.

Boys hair:
Current boys hair products in Pigg

Girls hair:
Current girls hair products in Pigg

DB and I have talked about this. We don’t want to be Pigg clones. No one want to be forced to overindulge in hand-me-downs. But we do want decent product options that haven’t been jammed into AG Gacha. And hair like this is it.

– AF

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4 Responses to Getting hairy? Unfortunately not.

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  3. shananda says:

    if in Indonesia can not buy a wig like that ^^

    how to buy a wig

    • shananda, do you play Ameba Pico or Ameba Pigg? To buy products (like wigs) in Pico or Pigg you must first purchase AmebaGold (in Pico) or AmeGold (in Pigg).

      Then, search for items that you like to buy for your avatar.

      Not all items cost AmebaGold or AmeGold. You can earn Gummies, win Tokens or play casino slot challenges to get some pretty great stuff too.

      – AF

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