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Server Maintenance notice on the login page

The big news in Pico today is … well … kind of no news at all, in a way.

That’s right. Pico shut down for scheduled maintenance starting October 19 at 11PM PST and last to 4AM PST. Five hours. That’s probably the longest period of scheduled maintenance to date. But maintenance has actually stretched on much longer. Game play has not resumed since 11PM yesterday.

Ameba announced an extension to the maintenance time, stating that it would go on for an additional hour. That would take the game outage to 5AM PST.

But wait! yet another announcement that one more hour was needed and the game would open by 11AM PST. That’s 12 full hours from the start of maintenance time, people!

Not surprisingly, it is now 4PM PST and the game has not yet opened and Ameba has said nothing – no blog, Facebook or Twitter updates.

Feels like deja vu. Just more prolonged this time around.

What a joke.

People can relate to unexpected problems and delays, but not to bad customer service.

The delay announcement posted on Facebook has garnered over 1,500 comments – most of them are from peeved Pico players. Check them out for yourselves. My personal favorites:

facebook.com: Alaina Leigh Smith Alaina Leigh Smith ‎13 HOURS!!!! So much for 2 hours I’m gonna end up falling asleep 😡
– – – – – – – – – –
Alaina Leigh Smith Dear Ameba Pico we are having some problems with our credit cards we aren’t spending our money on ag cause you aren’t letting us this will continue until U OPEN PICO! Thx for waiting 😛
facebook.com: Jennifer Mendoza Jennifer Mendoza WHAT! i have waited 4 hours! YOU ARE JUST GONNA EXTEND IT i dont wanna be RUDE but….IM QUITING PICO!
facebook.com: Khate Anne Afable Khate Anne Afable OMG! ameba pico is still under maintenance right now! why is it always like that?! i’m getting bored!! you said after 2hrs but it took 12hrs?! i don’t like this. give us 500AG for this. we’ve been waiting for so long! ;(
facebook.com: Dalaney LoveYou Abrams Dalaney LoveYou Abrams Ameba Pico is now my least favorite game! Crappy service- Rude Staff who make the statuses -Won’t even tell us that there will be more maintence! If I was you guys I wouldn’t think of buying AG- Ur never going to be able to get on with all the dang maintences!

– AF

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